Now Available from Greying Ghost Press

5 x 6 chapbook. Six colored letter pressed covers w/ punch out. Repurposed end papers. Each copy is unique and hand numbered. Printed on high quality 24# copy paper. Printed and bound in an edition of 100.

[click to purchase]

“Joseph Riippi’s poems? Imagine if Confucius, a Grimm Brother, and Lou Reed were to somehow procreate. Well, this book would devour their offspring. His writing blends countless styles with a modern twist that will stick to your sternum like no other chapbook we’ve published.”
– Carl Annarummo, Greying Ghost Press

“Joseph Riippi knows how to grow an elegant surface and a darkly remembered underbelly together. In Treesisters, he elevates the dematerialization of childhood to the disappearance of a sibling—and only-children too will be dazzled.”
– Melissa Broder, author of Meat Heart


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